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Sunday, March 29, 2020

A Downers Cow Syndrome

A Downer Cow Syndrome

A Downers Cow Syndrome
A Downers Cow Syndrome
1-Definition: A downer cow is a cow that is unable to rise in standing position after 24 hours.
A downer cow is a cow that laying more than 24 hours and can not get up.
It is a condition in cattle that usually occurred due to hypocalcemia.
It is characterized clinically by prolong recumbency.

2-Types of Downer:

  1. ALERT DOWNER: The animal that is unable to stand but eat and drinks normally
  1. Dislocation of joints
    A Downers Cow Syndrome
    A Downers Cow Syndrome
  • Fracture of leg pelvis or spine 
  • Rupture of gastrocnemius tendon

     2-Calving injury: Too big of calf to pass from pelvis
     cow strain too long to pull out the calf
     Obturator nerve paralysis
  1. Downer with depression: Animal is recumbent and not eat or drink anything
CAUSES: Metabolic
  1. Parturient paresis
  2. Grass Tetany
  3. Ketosis
  4. Fatty liver
  5. Late-stage of hypophosphatemia
    A Downers Cow Syndrome
    A Downers Cow Syndrome
  1. Acute infection
  2. Traumatic reticuloperitonitis
  3. Chronic diarrhea<Dehydration>
Infectious diseases causing Downer
  1. Septic Metritis
  2. Acute Metritis
  3. Acute laminitis
  4. Acute Peritonitis
  5. Septic Arthritis

4-Clinical Symptoms:

  1. Complete absence of appetite
  2. Absence of defecation and rumination
  3. Absence of ruminal movement
  4. Drop-in milk yield
  5. Signs of dehydration
  6. Tachycardia
  7. Temperature is usually high


  1. Examining of locomotory system, especially hind limbs
  2. Examining the udder
  3. Infectious cases usually with fever

6-Hopeful Cases:

  1. Hind limbs are in normal position
  2. Animal try to stand 
  3. Animal eats and drinks well

7-Hopeless Cases:

  1. Severe nerve damage
  2. dislocation of hip joint
  3. Both hind limbs are spread laterally
  4. Absence of voluntary movement

8-Hygenic Treatment:

  1. Comfortable bedding and roll the cow side to side  daily
  2. palatable feed and a good quantity of water
  3. Massage of limb may be successful especially muscle
  4. Body Slang<Machanically raising the cow with chain>

9-Supportive Treatment:

  1. injection of electrolytes contain calcium magnesium phosphate
  2. Large quantity of fluid therapy by oral and parental route
  3. Poly vitamins include A,B,D,E etc
  4. Antiinflammatory drugs
    A Downers Cow Syndrome

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