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Monday, March 30, 2020

Foot and mouth Disease

Foot and Mouth disease

Foot and mouth Disease

Foot mouth disease is serious and highly contagious virus disease of livestock and swine.It is also effect rams sheeps goats etc.FMD is not recognized as zoonotic disease.
This disease is caused by virus which has 7 types each producing a single symptom and that is prominent only in laboratory.
Animal get this disease by direct contact with infected animal or by eating or drinking of infected food and water or by eating infected carcass.
The virus lives in lymph nodes then it transfer into the muscles and then harden the muscles
There is no treatment of FMD.Animal get health by prevention and Vaccination
Foot and mouth Disease

Futvac vaccine is used for the vaccination purpose of FMD is sheep or cattle.
Cattle,Buffalo 2ml/I.M
Sheep,goat      1ml/I.M
Vaccination Schedule
Primary vaccination at the age of 4 months
Booster after 1 month of primary vaccination
and then after every 6 months

Foot and mouth Disease

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