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Friday, April 24, 2020

Smoking Cancer

Smoking Cancer
Smoking Cancer

The success of lung cancer treatment is highly dependent on how much a patient has smoked in their life. The more patients smoke and the longer they have smoked for, the greater the risk of treatment being unsuccessful.

Smoking CancerMany smokers may not fear lung cancer because it takes such a long time to develop. They also rightly assume that lung cancer treatment is more sophisticated than ever and the chances of death are reduced in comparison to years gone by.

However, if lung cancer eventually strikes, it can be extremely painful and can more often than not signal the beginning of the end of your life.

A third of cancer deaths in men are based in the lung - and the majority of these are caused by smoking. This slow journey begins shortly after an individual smokes their first cigarette. One cigarette can change the way your lungs function, even if it is only a few abnormal cells which appear as a result.
Smoking Cancer

This fact alone should be enough to scare anyone who values their life away from cigarettes from life - but unfortunately too many people are suckered into trying cigarettes without fully knowing the dangers.

By the time smokers experience the affects that their habit has on their body, many are too addicted to stop. Rather than quitting completely, a lot of smokers find that they can't help but smoke an increasing amount of cigarettes as their addiction becomes stronger.
Smoking CancerIt is important to fight this addiction as strongly as possible. Dropping from 20 cigarettes a day to ten can have a positive impact on your health and is the first step to quitting completely.

Those who quit completely will find that their body does all it can to recover from the damage caused - and they might just be lucky enough to avoid the grief and misery suffered by victims of lung cancer.

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